North Dakota man gets stuck in snow, has tires start on fire, dies in his pickup as the unluckiest man ever

STANLEY, N.D. — The burned body thought to be a man reported missing at 9 a.m. Wednesday has been recovered, according to a statement released Friday by Mountrail County Sheriff Ken Halvorson.

A 911 call was received by the sheriff’s office reporting a burned GMC pickup located southeast of Stanley in northwest North Dakota. The man’s body was found inside the vehicle and transported to the North Dakota Forensic Examiner’s Office for autopsy and positive identification.


An investigation of the scene determined that the driver of the vehicle had gotten stuck on a minimum maintenance road, freed himself then drove into a field. When the driver attempted to get out of the field, the vehicle became stuck in deep snow, according to Halvorson, who said it appeared the vehicle was left running still in the drive position when the spinning tires became hot and combusted.

Winter is a scary thing. That’s why you always gotta be prepared no matter how tough of a man you are. But this North Dakota dude has died and “The most unlucky man” will be added to his grave stone. To get stuck in the snow is one thing. Happens all the time. My college buddy got stuck in the fukn parking lot at college. But to then have your tires start on fire and then to fukn burn to death in that pickup. My fukn god. Is there even a god? Like what a terrible thing. I don’t want to laugh at this situation because it’s not funny but to be this unlucky? Like it almost seems fake. PTTD (Peace to the dead). This guy is on a redemption tour in the afterlife.

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