The 2018 Riders Cup (Cross Country on ice) is coming to Minnesota this month

The United States Ice Cross Association is prepping for the 2018 Riders Cup in Bloomington, Minnesota. The goal of the USIX is to promote the sport of Ice Cross Downhill in the United States. Here is a preview of what these athletes are getting themselves into.

This sport has broken ankles written all over it. Kudos to those who are involved and good at it. Ice Cross is not something I would get myself involved in, but it looks challenging.

The All Terrain Skate Cross Federation (ATSX) is the governing body for Ice Cross Downhill. Founded in 2015 to set rules and guidelines for downhill sports on skates around the world. The terrains where these races take place is the main difference between the different sports in the ATSX.

The schedule right now leaves the February 24, 2018 Riders Cup in Bloomington, Minnesota as the only remaining race in the United States. The final two on the current schedule will take place in Canada. Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Finland, and France are the other countries that have hosted ATSX races.

The race in Bloomington is still accepting registrations if you want to try your hand at this sport. You can register here.  If you have kids interested in this sport there is “Kids Cross 2018” with open skate instruction from Team USA athletes. Registration is open up to the age of 18.

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