Would you eat this South Dakota school lunch?

People, especially mothers are always bitching about school lunches. Doesn’t matter the state, country or continent. It’s a fact that moms love to post this type of shit on Facebook and frankly if they are so upset about how nasty school lunches look then why don’t the become the school cooks? And that’s an easy answer because no one wants to be a school cook. It sucks and I’m not even speaking from experience. Stop bitching and do something or if you aren’t gonna do anything then also stop bitching.

$3.55 for a green banana and chicken taco? Is a little crazy considering you can get like three soft shell tacos at Taco Bell for like $3 but it’s the fruit that cost so goddamn much money. Everyone wants to be healthy but no one wants to spend the cash. Literally food is just eating money. If you think about it like really think about it. This lunch does look horrible. But its a school lunch. Everything sucks at school. Back in my day, yeah, back in my day we ate rubbery chicken nuggets, we slurped frozen milk, the sugar cookies were so hard that when you threw them on the pavement they wouldn’t break. At the end of the day every kid is looking for that meal when they get off the bus and that’s just what everyone has to put up with.

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