Jocelyne Lamoureux scores 2 goals in 6 seconds against those commie bastards from Russia

Grand Forks native and Fighting Sioux (yep, I’m still calling it that) alum Jocelyne Lamoureux scored two goals in six seconds against Russia. An Olympic record that dated all the way back to 1960 now belongs to a Grand Forks native.

Suck it, Putin!

Lamoureux helped lead the USA’s 5-0 victory against Russia with the record-setting performance. An assist in the game tied her with her sister, Monique Lamoureux to move into sixth all-time in U.S. scoring at the Olympic Games with 15 points.

The Grand Forks native has done her city, state, and country proud. She broke a 58-year-old record in highlight reel fashion in a blowout victory against Russia.

The next game for Team USA is tonight (Wednesday, February 14, 2018) at 9:10 p.m. against Canada. It will be the final pool play game to determine the No. 1 seed for the tournament round.


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