These boozy cupcakes look good but I’m not sure they sound very good

Source (S.D.) — Intoxibakes opened in November, and the business did as promised. It made cupcakes flavored with alcohol at a custom bakery in Parker. It delivered those cupcakes to Sioux Falls area residents who were hungry for booze-flavored desserts.

Then, government officials backtracked. Boltjes got a note from a Sioux Falls licenser this week indicating her fledgling business was breaking the law.


“I’m not quite sure what changed,” Boltjes said.

The rules seem clear to Jamie Palmer, the city employee who notified Boltjes of the violation and said cooking cupcakes with alcohol is a Class 2 misdemeanor.

I’m not a big sweets guy, I’m a big booze guy. But these fukn boozed up cupcakes look stellar, I’m just not sold on how they would taste. A South Dakota woman started her own boozy cupcake business and the menu is mouth watering or stomach hurting.

The store is currently closed due to breaking the law but look at some of these items on the menu. Red Velvet Hennessy. Yep count me in. Fireball Cupcakes. Maybe one well maybe 10 and then fuk that. Chocolate Fudge Red Wine. Oh my goodness, where’s the jazz music and flower pedals? Irish Whiskey Cheesecake. Hunny, I’m just drunk off the names of this shit. I’d try everything on this menu once maybe more. But its a craze. Its a goddamn cupcake craze. One cupcake every few months is all I’m doing once this place opens back up.

Actually, fuk that. I can’t wait that long who knows how long she’ll be shut down. She should definitely be running an underground boozy cupcake shop. Once she opens up down underneath the pipes I’ll be firing tweets off, letting everyone know where to enter.

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