A lady with a Twitter name Cleavage Crumbs wants to make North Dakota and South Dakota into one state

If you are gonna spit wild ideas like this one out onto the Internet, it would be wise to not go by the name Cleavage Crumbs. No matter how oddly sexy it is. I’m gonna take an eyes closed swing and say that Cleavage Crumbs means that crumbs that fall outta your mouth onto your tits? Clever name not so clever idea. Every once in a blue moon (good beer) people think they aren’t the first ones to come up with the combining North Dakota and South Dakota idea. The only reason Miss Cleavage Crumbs thinks its a good idea is because both states have Dakota in them. Although, it would be very easy on a map (just take out the line between the two), I’m not educated on how hard this would be in real life. But fuk it. Why mess with it? There’s no reason. North Dakota can keep Carson Wentz and six FCS Championships and South Dakota can keep good basketball. Seems pretty damn far to me.

Also, Cleavage Crumbs, Unified Dakota is the worst name for a state ever. Come out with these ideas they better be clever then you can rename yourself Clever Cleavage Crumbs.


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