Let’s not forget the time Keith Olbermann went after Barstool Sports on Twitter

Keith Olbermann took a break from tweeting strange, angry things at President Trump to go after Barstool Sports earlier this winter. One of the stoolies was quick on the trigger in reporting what I’m assuming he thought was a scoop involving Yu Darvish going to the Chicago Cubs. Darvish corrected @barstoolcarl by simply saying #FakeNews about his scoop.

Enter Keith Olbermann.

If you’re not at least in your late 20’s you may not know that he used to be an anchor when SportsCenter was good. The 90’s and early 2000’s were the golden age of ESPN. About 10 years ago they started spending more time telling you about Alex Rodriguez’s girlfriend rather than what he was doing during baseball games. It became the norm for their programming to be about the host and co-host’s “personality” rather than sports analysis, highlights, and humor.

Olbermann was one of the best they had during their best years. It’s only fair to credit the man where it’s due. That being said, he left ESPN in 1997 and depending on how much you like basic liberal talking points, his goose was cooked when he left the Mothership.

I will say one thing about Olbermann is still entertaining. Reading the Twitterverse roast him mercilessly on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter if it’s political commentators, sports personalities, or just your everyday Twitter user. We all get in on the Olbermann shame train and it’s a great ride.  Some of the best examples from this recent edition are as follows.

Big Cat starts us off with a nicely placed burn reminding everyone that this was a thing he was upset about. Nicely done, my dude.

Daniel Shikhman a little late to the party, but a burn is a burn and this is a good one.

Kyle Croke puts it in the simplest terms. Olbermann is 59 years old, out of touch, and desperate to remain relevant. He goes where many people in his former demographic of 90’s SportsCenter fans currently go for sports and humor, Barstool Sports.

Frank Fleming put the nail in the coffin. He stabbed Olbermann with a dragon glass dagger. The rest of the roasting is basically irrelevant because this is everything and there is no coming back from here.

Olbermann’s timing and hilariously bad takes could not have been any worse with this one. He tweeted this attempt at a burn on December 21, 2017. Barely one month later Barstool Sports was valued at over $100 million.  Olbermann is so ignorant and full of himself that he probably doesn’t realize it. He is definitely not mature enough to admit he was wrong and offer up some props to the Barstool gang. He’ll go back to his 25:1 ratio of “Donald Trump is bad” tweets to “I’m going to try to be cool and fit in with the athletes again” tweets.

An accurate representation of Keith Olbermann’s current state of affairs.

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  1. Wow this is actually horrible, I feel bad for you if you are delusional and actually think you are a good writer. A 3rd grade class could probably write a better blog.

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