Newly Acquired Bottled Sports writer comes back from Super Bowl week

By: Hags

Carson Wentz gives the most North Dakota answer ever when asked about Eagles fans.

A phrase many in the media began throwing around after Super Bowl week in Minneapolis was, “Minnesota nice is a real thing” about the way people treat others up here. It’s true that, in general, people from the midwest’s first instinct is to help and be polite.

Whether you refer to it as “Minnesota nice”, “North Dakota nice”, “South Dakota nice”, or wherever it is that you’re from that’s nice it reigns true.

The thought around here is we don’t want to intentionally be rude to someone that isn’t from here, so we’ll go out of our way to be helpful, if it means going out of your way to do so. How many of you parents have ever referred to someone else’s bratty kid as, and I’m quoting many a parent here, “busy” before?

It’s a time honored tradition up here that to our visitors, you try to adopt the golden rule. The addendum we added is that we’ll wait until your out of earshot and then discuss privately among ourselves what we actually think. It’s high on the scale of passive aggressive behavior.

Carson Wentz is North Dakota born and raised. He’s incredibly nice to fans, good in interviews, and when he says he’s happy for his teammates, he’s genuinely happy for them.

He watched Brock Jensen win three straight national titles for NDSU before he got his shot. As a Senior, he watched Easton Stick take over the team and lead them to the championship game before he was ready to return. He did whatever possible to help Stick play well. Now he’s done it again as he was out watching Nick Foles remind the Patriots who Daddy is during the Super Bowl.

When asked about the Philly fans and their treatment of Viking fans during the NFC championship game and their overall demeanor and jackassery, he took out the ND handbook, flipped it to page one, and kept everyone happy.

“You just have to be smart. At the end of the day. That’s who they are as fans,” Wentz said. “Obviously sometimes they get carried away. And those are things you want to avoid but that’s the city, that’s the culture, that’s the passion they have for the Eagles.”

He continued.

“The environment is unreal,” Wentz sais Monday. “Playing in that Linc. Hearing those fans roaring. Especially when we’re rolling like we have been the last couple weeks. There’s not much like it.”

My thought is he probably does like the fans of the Eagles. I’m sure cold weather in Philadelphia doesn’t bother him as he spent 23 years of his life in Bismarck and Fargo. I do think though, when the cameras are off, and he’s hanging out with his now fiancé, he might think some of these Eagle fans are window-licker stupid.

*Allow me to correct myself, he thinks they’re eating horse manure off the street stupid. That’s a thing that really happened.*

The Philly faithful will continue to love Wentz and this quote by him isn’t scandalous. It shows the nature of North Dakota people at heart. Even if someone has bad qualities, we’ll try to find the good ones and keep the negative thoughts to ourselves.

I’m sure somewhere there’s a Philly fan reminding all of us how to properly spell the word “Eagles”.

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