Veteran move by central Minnesota bus driver to get tuned up to drop kids off after school

Source — A central Minnesota school bus driver climbed behind the wheel drunk and dropped off dozens of children, authorities said.

Thomas R. Bromen, age 63, of Sauk Centre, was arrested late in the afternoon Monday in his hometown and jailed pending charges.

Police were notified after the school district fielded three calls concerning Bromen’s actions Monday, police said.


Officers caught up to Bromen after dropping off 40 to 50 students home and “noticed multiple signs of impairment,” a statement from police read.


No students were injured. Neither police nor the school district has disclosed what school the students attend.

Bromen declined to take a roadside sobriety test, but he did admit to officers that he was drunk, police added.


He was given a preliminary breath test at police headquarters, which revealed that his blood alcohol content (BAC) was above the legal limit.

In Minnesota, the legal limit for private motorists is .08 percent, and the limit is .04 percent for commercial vehicle operators. However, the law is even more strict for bus drivers, who are breaking the law “when there is physical evidence present in the person’s body of the consumption of any alcohol,” according to the state Department of Public Safety’s bus driver training manual.


Police said Bromen drove his own vehicle to the bus garage before starting his route.


The Sauk Centre School District said in a statement that it has fired Bromen, who had driven a bus for the district for the past 6½ years.

Along with drunken driving, Bromen also faces possible charges of child endangerment.

Kids suck. Like I have mad respect for teachers and bus drivers and parents and day care people and anyone else that has to spend their day with children. Because they are shitty little shit heads. I remember doing dumb shit on the bus back in the day. Putting gum underneath the seat, throwing pencils and paper at classmates in the front of the bus. Bus drivers are on some other level to be putting up with their bullshit. But this Central Minnesota bus driver had enough of it and had to get a little boozed up to deal with his afternoon route. I simply don’t blame him. This man has probably done this a million times but this time he accidentally opened his mouth and cat called one of the students moms that was waiting for her son or daughter at the drop of zone. Rookie mistake but veteran move to be a little tuned up to put up with this brat kids.

Plus, NO STUDENTS WERE INJURED. Zero. Zip. I’m sure the kids didn’t even know and in fact I’m sure the bus driver confiscated the liquor from the kids that sit in the way back corner of the bus. Maybe this school should be asking questions to the kids not the bus driver.

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