Kid hits a 94 foot putt during halftime of a North Dakota State bball game but is it even worth it for free donuts for a year?

Impressive? Sort of. Worth it? Nope. In the moment I’m sure this kid was feeling himself. But after he calmed down, he realized that he just won free donuts for a year. Who the hell wants free donuts for a year? That putt is going to ruin donuts for this dude for the rest of his life. After the first two months of free donuts this kid is gonna be like “nah fuk this I’ve gained 100 pounds in the last two months, lost my girlfriend, binge-watched every show on Netflix, Hulu and HBO Now, I should probably stop eating donuts.”

But, the only plus that can come out of this kid nailing this long ass putt is that if he works at a firm or bank or hospital or bigger place of business is that he just got a raise. Bringing donuts to work everyday for a year has to get you a promotion and if it doesn’t. Quit that job and go find one that will promote you every month for the number of donuts you bring everyday to the break room.

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