Case Keenum’s pee smells from eating asparagus Friday night

Case Keenum is having problems with his piss. It smells. And from what? The good food called asparagus. When I was younger and my pee smelled I thought the worst. Did I have sex lately? Was it with a stranger? Should I see a doctor? Then I remember that mom made fried asparagus for supper. Shits good. Is it healthy? Its green so its gotta be. Just imagine Case tweeting this out. He just got done with his supper at fukn 10:34 at night. That’s not a good sign to NFL teams wanting to sign him. You gain weight by eating food at late times of the night. He’s sitting on his couch flipping through old western movies and decides it’s time to take a piss. Once he zips up his pants and puts his hog back in, he decides to get a closer smell of his pee. So he gets on his knees and puts his head in the toilet. His wife walks in, there’s an awkward silence so he tweets about it.

Also, are we sure the “it” he’s talking about is his piss? Hmmmmmm…

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