There’s No Reason for the Fargo-Moorhead Media to be Covering the Super Bowl

All the big swinging dicks are in Minneapolis for Super Bowl week. A lot of shit started on Monday. Radio row is set up in the MOA food court and Paul Allen is camped out by a Shake Shack I’m sure. StarTribune sports blogger Michael Rand is chillin by the mini golf joint, what’s good Randball? Look at that shitty old laptop. Low budget for the Strib I see.

I get why all these cats are covering the Super Bowl. But why the fuk are reporters, tv reporters and radio guys from Fargo-Moorhead covering Super Bowl week?

Dom (my favorite word is Boat Raced) Izzo is there with bells on. Heck, even Mike McFeely decided to join Dom in his hotel for the day.


And I know the Fargo-Moorhead community wants to hear about North Dakota God Carson Wentz but the kid ain’t even fukn playing. The dude has no impact on this championship game. Yeah, he can give Nick Foles some pointers but Wentz won’t be making an impact on this football game.

But guess what? I’m not following Dom or Mike for my Super Bowl news or not even Andy.

I’m following Randball and I’m checking ESPN and I’m keeping up with Pro Football Focus. The Paul Allen interviews with former Vikings guys or Philly and New England radio guys are fun but that’s not getting me ready for the big game Sunday. Dom and Mike seem to be the couple that rides or dies together. They even went to cover the Philly vs. Vikes game a few weeks back. WENTZ WASN’T EVEN PLAYING. Dom was tweeting out game scores and that’s certainly not who I’m following for updates on the game. I just don’t understand why The Forum or WDAY or whoever else in the Fargo-Moorhead area is sending these guys to cover shit that doesn’t even pertain to the community. Yeah, we are all gonna watch the game but they are riding the back of Wentz’s jersey to sell newspapers and get page views and broadcast views.



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