Is Bottled Sports’ Gambling Guru a Ladies Man?

Ever since I decided to bring my roommate to Bottled Sports as our Guckin’ Gambler now Pumba Cakes thinks he’s the fukn man. Word by word I’m trying to build this media company outta my apartment that I share with this fool and cat but I still have to make some cash. So, tonight I have to cover a girls basketball game and Pumba Cakes sends me a text.

This dude. Pretty sure he is a secret ladies man. He ran inside and outside of women for like one week throughout his four years of college. May have even done something in someone’s hair but I’m not qualified to answer that. Never really had a legit girlfriend besides being married to the gambling life. So maybe he isn’t a ladies man. But tonight ladies and gentlemen Pumba Cakes might be getting his lady fix when I’m out here making money to put money back into the blog. Whatever he does tonight it better turn out to make fabulous content. If you know what I mean, wink, wink.


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