Pumba Cakes writes a letter to his haters and very very very small following

Well it’s now been the first 10 days of Pumba’s Picks and honestly I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to start this. Due to my love for gambling (some of my friends call this an addiction) making these bets has become the highlight of my day. Sports have always been a big focus in my life and now betting on games has taken my interest to another level. Honestly without Pumba’s Picks to take up my time I’d probably either have take up a bullshit hobby like knitting or join a book club. Now some people may think what qualifies me to be giving advice on sports betting, and the answer to that is absolutely fukn nothing. At the end of day this is gambling and I’m just trying to do my research so that I can win enough bets to make this a little profitable. Tweeting out my bets to the public is just my way of helping people who either can’t or don’t wanna do the research to hopefully have some success along with me. As for my results so far, after a nightmare 0-4 start on the first day I’ve recovered to a winning record of 22-18. Sports betting definitely has its ups and downs and after grinding through the first several days I’ve had a 9-3 run the last 3 days. Hopefully this recent success will convince some more followers to hop on the Pumba train.
Despite my recent success, unfortunately my gambling operation is not nearly large enough for me to quit my day job anytime soon. However, I promise to continue to put in the time to provide quality bets to anyone willing to have confidence in me. My gambling motto is,

“The past doesn’t matter, just focus on the future.” That’s exactly what I plan to do.

Yours truly,

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