Reddit has banned all Bottled Sports content regarding the Minnesota Vikings

I go to bed every night thinking about Bottled Sports. I didn’t start this media company to make a quick dollar. I’ve probably put a total of $250 max into Bottled Sports. So clearly I’m not in this for the money because I’m already in money hole. But there are a lot of awful media outlets out there and especially in North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota. Just your typical bullshit stories everyday. Quotes, a lede, the inverted pyramid. Yes I got a degree in journalism and while I think that stuff is important, I don’t want Bottled Sports to run off that model. I wanna run my own media company and write funny shit, sports and news and lifestyle stuff in this tri state area. I wanna film funny shit at big sporting events in the area like the Summit League tournament and the FCS Championship game for example. I want it all. I want to be that place where people in this area come to find easy and edgy blogs about the Minnesota sports teams and the other college programs in South Dakota, North Dakota and Minnesota.

Starting a media company from the bottom of the Internet is bizarre. You flirt with days where you get a lot of views well for a blog that has a very small following it its big numbers. One of the things I think about as I head to bed is how to reach our target audience. How do I get Bottled Sports content to the people that want to read it? Facebook and Twitter, yeah but that’s always tough. Email lists are tricky. And a on the ground publication isn’t worth the money (first off we don’t have any money) in my opinion at the time. We can reach more online. Reddit is actually a great place to look at content and to post content. Reddit has separate sites for example the Vikings, Twins, Timberwolves and every other thing you can image sports or not.

So I’ve posted most of our Vikings content on the Minnesota Vikings Reddit site and it actually has done very well. You can upvote or downvote content and usually Bottled Sports’ stuff gets a fair amount of upvotes. But then I got this notification.

We’ve been fukn banned from Minnesota Vikings Reddit. Reddit’s been bottled up. #RedditGate

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