Is it okay to be a fan of the Saints and Vikings? The Sauce thinks so.

Listen, this was a tough game for me. I’m a Minnesota Vikings fan. Have been ever since I entered this world in ’93. My dad and I would always watch the Vikes play every week when I was in high school. Mom would make some food and I’d be sipping my orange juice while my dad had an adult beverage in his hand. But I’ve also been a New Orleans Saints fan since the early 2000s. Drew Brees is one of my favorite players of all time and Reggie Bush is my guy and I even named my cat after him. I got the Saints memorabilia in my room right next to my Vikings jersey’s and hats and signed footballs. When these two teams faced each other in 2009 I was sitting in a room with 20-plus Vikings fans wearing my Reggie #25 jersey.

Front and center right in the middle of the room I was cheering for the Saints. My football heart is split into two parts. One part New Orleans and one part Minnesota. I’ve been through the ups and downs of both franchises. I cried in 2008 when the Vikings got tossed by the Eagles 26-14 in Wild Card play. I was sitting on the stairs in my old house with my shirt over my face. Tears. Everywhere. I cried when the Saints thought about sending away Sean Payton and when Reggie left. I had that same feeling with 20 some seconds left yesterday. And then I thought Diggs was gonna get outta bounds and leave it up to Forbath.

But knowing how well kickers are for Minnesota I probably would’ve punched my tv like I wanted to punch my radio in 2015. I’ve been through heartbreak and headaches with the Vikings like so many Minnesotan’s have. But I love the Saints. I really do. But this year the Vikings are #Bring(ing)ItHome. I’m not asking for forgiveness, Vikings fans. I just want you to understand that I’m both a Vikings and Saints fan. Love or hate it that’s how it is and it’s who I am. I’ve cried purple and I’ve cried black. Now it’s time to get one of these cities back on the map.


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