Grand Forks man writes letter to his dead cat. And I cried.

Hey buddy,

I haven’t been by to visit since the last snowfall, but I know you wont hold it against me. I was going through some old photos tonight and it reminded me how much I missed you and wish you were still here with me. I always took it for granted that you were so attached to my hip and so affectionate. I didn’t fully appreciate it until you were gone how special of a friend you really were. You hated being alone, just like me, and I’m sorry I left you by yourself so much. I was so busy with myself and trying to fix a broken relationship that I feel at times you got pushed aside and that wasn’t fair to you. The way you acted everytime I came home nearly broke my heart. You couldn’t hide how much you missed me and it hurt to see that. I’d always try coming home at least once a day it even then it didn’t feel like enough. And then I ended up in the hospital with a lung growth and nerve damage, along with severe heart palpitations I was so focused on myself I didn’t see you losing weight and getting sick. And I’m so fucking sorry about that. I had spent all my money the past month on drinking my pain away and I couldn’t afford to get you the help you needed. Then watching you die was the most gut wrenching and painful thing I’ve had to sit through. I couldn’t even put you down and end your pain, I just didn’t have the guts to. As you laid there frozen and seizing, eyes froze open taking your last breaths, you tried brushing my hand with your face one last time, even though you had no body control left. You let me know you were still in there somewhere, it still breaks my heart thinking about it. I have struggled with health issues since but I think I am finally ready to take in another to battle this fucking depression and hopefully be a better companion this time around. Be the kind of friend I should’ve been to you. Have fun playing on that Rainbow Bridge and maybe I’ll see you on the other side some day.

Later Buddy.

Craigslist is a weeeeeeeid place, man. I’m a cat person but I’m also a big dog fan. I currently have a cat named, Reggie — named after Reggie Bush. That’s right haters back off. I’ve had two cats in my life. No dogs which sucks but within in the next year or so I’ll have myself a pup. Some dude from Grand Forks (North Dakota), posted a long ass letter to his cat earlier this week. And it’s fukn sad. Like I teared up reading it. I also laughed my ass of reading it but for a letter to hit me with two emotions at once means it was good. The author of the letter was upset that he didn’t spend enough time with his now dead cat. He says that he’s had a boat load of health problems and spent money on booze to cope with his depression. Basically he was selfish and let his cat out to dry. He explains the final moments with his cat and for fuks sakes I was drenched in tears. Then goes on to explain that his cat is in a better life and someday soon they will be reunited on the other side. 
Give your pets the time of the day that’s all I’m saying. They aren’t there for you to blame your problems on. They are they to comfort you and give you a happy feeling as you leave the house in the AM and get back in the PM. Cats, dogs, cows, rabbits, rats, owls. Any animal deserves your attention. Don’t ever fukn forget that no matter how shitty your life is. 
ALSO, why the hell is a grown ass man writing a letter on CRAIGSLIST to his cat???

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