Six titles in seven years, what do you call that?

Is this headline premature? Sure. But so am I. This is not a North Dakota State website/sports blog but goddamnit it will be today. That’s my team. That’s my city. That Easton Stick stache is what I rock on the weekends.

Today’s game at 11 a.m. on the channel we will not name 2 versus defending champions James Madison and the glory and the king and the empire that is North Dakota State. When I was an upperclassman at NDSU, I’d always hear underclassmen during lunch or at a party say they only came to the Bison Land because, “their football team was really good.” That’s the most bullshit reason to go to any school but I respect that. If you pick your college because you want to go to Frisco once a year or party harder when it’s gameday I respect you. Today is going to be a four-quarter football game like the old head coaches like to call it. There will be momentum shifts and fourth down conversions and beers will be drank. But at the end of the day its Bison all the way. There’s an old saying, “It ain’t lucky if you’re good.” Luck hasn’t brought the Bison to six national title games in seven years, talent and hard work and next man up has. Yes, JMU is fukn good. A title team should feature two teams that are at the top of their class. When a streak of five titles comes to an end, you bet your ass this team is gonna start a new streak. That’s who they are. Yeah, South Dakota State beat us and yes JMU housed the Jackrabbits in the playoffs. But guess what? There are two teams left.

Bison 24, JMU 14

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