This couple that ordered vegan food for their wedding is the absolute worst couple of all time

StarTribune (Minnesota) — The vegan wedding feast was supposed to be a big surprise. The Twin Cities couple wanted their guests to enjoy the meal before being told it was all plant-based. They would do the big reveal at the end of the reception. It didn’t turn out that way, and now the newlyweds and the mother of the bride have served the caterer with a lawsuit. … Instead, the caterer, Mintahoe, ruined the surprise and the meal was a disaster, according to the suit against the caterer, the event center and their parent company.

First off, fuk this newlywed couple. Just because you two are vegan and hipsters and smoke a little green on the weekends doesn’t mean your guests want to eat plant based food and watch you get married with anime characters around the wedding reception.

Servers let on to guests throughout the meal that they were eating vegan food, saying they couldn’t have creamer for their coffee or soy sauce because it wasn’t vegan and then asking guests which dish they liked best, according to the lawsuit.

Second off, people are going to ask questions. Kids and hangry older people want to know what they are going to be served. It’s totally fair to give a few secrets out. When you try to surprise your guests nothing will ever happen the way you planned it. That’s just facts. What if half of the guests aren’t vegan? What they are just supposed to eat plants and be good to go for the night? Fuk that. If anyone ever did this I would be like sorry I’m not accepting this marriage or attending because no one wants to eat plants in celebration of two people.

To make matters worse, a guest was allowed to bring chicken fingers to the meal without the bridal couple’s approval. “The food and service at the wedding was horrific,” the couple stated in their lawsuit. The tofu that was supposed to be crispy was raw. The curry was “just a bowl of vegetables, which were missing bamboo shoots as instructed, and had an exorbitant amount of carrots.” As for the pad thai, the noodles were mush and broken into little pieces against explicit instructions, bean sprouts were few and the sauce was “sickeningly sweet.”

This this right here may be the best part of the story. Someone brought in chicken fingers and they weren’t allowed to? How the hell is that on the catering company? Were there supposed to be food police at the main doors checking bags? Oh mam are those the chicken fingers from McDonald’s or are those the chicken fries from Burger King? Either way please exit the facility this is a vegan wedding.

The peanuts on the table weren’t chopped as instructed.

Oh no. Not the fukn peanuts. I really think that was the worst of their worries. Third off, if I’m in the catering business and someone tells me to chop all the peanuts in half. I don’t care how much I’m getting paid, chopping peanuts in half is the dumbest shit ever.

Seitan skewers lacked texture and taste. The late-night flatbread pizza was “simply nasty and inedible.”

Don’t you try food before you hire that catering company? This newlywed couple should’ve had the late-night flatbread pizza days before the wedding, correct?

The wedding day blues weren’t just limited to the food, according to the suit. When the father of the bride asked for a glass of water, he was told to get up and get it at the bar. When the grandfather asked for his slice of wedding cake to be packed up so he could take it home, it was removed but never given back to him. The mother of the bride had her cake taken during her speech and others complained their slices were removed when they stepped away to use the restroom. Leftover cake with gold chocolate leaves was supposed to go home with the bridal party. It didn’t, the suit said. The pre-wedding suites were hot and stifling and “not even half of the beer” that was supposed to be served to the groom’s wedding party was served.

If you are capable of getting up and walking, you should get your own damn water. If I’m working for this catering company I got more important shit to do then get the father of the bride a water glass. If you need a glass of whiskey or a bottle of beer I’m all ears. Water? Nah brah you get your ass up and walk over to the toilet because that’s where your water would be coming from.

A guest who has celiac disease was told the seitan skewer appetizer was gluten-free. It wasn’t, and she got sick.

Are people gluten-free? Or do they just say they are to get special treatment I mean that’s a legit question.

This is one of the greatest stories I’ve ever laid my eyes on. The detail is insanely badass and think of the couple you dislike the most. That couple in high school that kiss in the hallways and wore matching shirts every Friday and were in student council and road to school in their dad’s Prius everyday, yeah, that couple, is probably this vegan couple.

Also, the company that catered this wedding wasn’t even a fukn vegan catering company. I realize that yeah you have to accommodate to your clients but if this couple wanted all this to be vegan x 1000 they should’ve went with a real vegan catering company.

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