Carson Wentz battles the hunting haters on Twitter

If you’re a professional athlete you are never safe on social media. One tweet, one retweet, heck even one liked tweet could potentially get you *Bottled Up and not the good kind. And that sucks. Because professional athletes cannot be themselves online and when they try to be they are going to get a ton of flack for it.

Yesterday, North Dakota’s golden boy and Philadelphia Eagles golden arm with a bum knee sent out a tweet and got hammered for it. And not the good kind of hammered.

Fair tweet. He just sent love to Mama Henley (look how cute that dog is). The picture on the right was obvi some time ago and the picture on the left looks like it was taken fairly recently. The problem or it really wasn’t/shouldn’t be a problem but the picture on the left featured a pile of geese in front of Mama Henley. If you know you know Wentz loves two things: Jesus and hunting. Well, some dude named Steve Beef responded to Wentz and told him that his post with the dog and dead geese may offend some of Wentz’s fans.

Mr. Beef wasn’t wrong I mean love it or hate it and in this case I hate it but that’s how social media is today. Beef’s response received a Wentz response.

Spot on response and I’m not saying that because I’m a fan of Wentz. I just believe that if you are passionate about something you should be able to share that to your fans or followers and support that hobby or whatever it may be. Wentz has never really been in the negative spotlight. I mean he is a follower of Jesus Christ the lord and savior so how could he be? But I don’t think Wentz being so religious is why people like him. I think people respect him for being who he says he is. He doesn’t try to hide behind his offensive lineman or his social media. He is going to be honest with you and his teammates and continue to be the man he says he is. Love or hate the Eagles or North Dakota State or the NFL or Wentz, you have to applaud him for being a genuine dude. A class act. As long as he continues that lifestyle I don’t care if you are a University of North Dakota or South Dakota State or even South Dakota fan, you have to love Carson Wentz.


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