2018 Edition: What’s in store for Bottled Sports?

This company hasn’t been around long enough for us to do a 2017 Year in Review blog or video so I’m gonna look ahead to 2018. We all did dumb stuff in 2017 and now we get a chance to start at a new and fresh starting line. Unless you’re this human.

I hope everyone has a happy New Year and be sure to say thank you more this year. (I think that was the first serious thing I’ve written since starting Bottled Sports). But it’s important and true. Thanks for a great month and change. Shoutout to the 32 Facebook likes and 13 Twitter followers ooooh and also the nine awesome Insta followers. 2018 gonna be a big step on our journey to the tips of Egypt.

2018 Bottled Sports Agenda:

Cheese Burger reviews – I’m a big food guy and plain cheeseburgers are my favorite. 1-10 score system. Every plain cheeseburger in South Dakota, North Dakota and Minnesota will be on the list. Burger Boyz.

A weekly sports show – It’s hard with just one guy doing the content side of Bottled Sports to get/edit things quickly. But I’d like do a 20-25 minute show and throw it on Youtube. Obvi about sports in the tri-state area. I’m aiming for Saturday (Jan. 4) for its debut. That’s the day of the FCS Championship game.

— Sports podcast – It’s easy to at least start a podcast from your home but it’s difficult to be consistent.  Hopefully, a sports podcast can kickstart the movement with others to follow.

— Missed connection of the day — A daily segment of the best-missed connections that will come straight from Craigslist.

Those are four things that I want to add to the company this year. Yeah, four doesn’t seem like a whole lot but until we get more employees this is a good start.

Good luck to everyone in 2018 and hope you grind all day every day. Thanks to everyone and let’s get this babay rollin.


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