What would you do for some tabacky? Crash a car? Maybe.

Close your eyes. Now think about your 17-year-old self. If you’re younger then that reading this blog well then get ahold of me because you can run our Twitter.

Now think about that time you were bored as hell on a Friday night in high school and you were looking for something to do. Your buddies and you decide it would be badass to get a pack of smokes and try them for the first time down at the local pond. You’re not 18 yet so you can’t buy any tobacco in Minnesota, so that sucks. Well, you find some dude who’s been hanging around town his whole life. You ask him to buy you and your friends some Marlboro Reds because you are men. The dude refuses. What do you do? Steal his car and crash it? That’s an option, I suppose.

This actually happened in St. Paul, Minn., on Christmas day.

ST. PAUL — A 17-year-old stole a Lexus from a gas station in St. Paul on Christmas afternoon after the car’s owner wouldn’t buy the teen cigarettes, authorities say. Parker Steven LaFromboise hopped into the man’s car parked outside a SuperAmerica at Lexington Parkway and Front Avenue after the man turned down his request, according to court records. Rashad Turner, 32, told police he was still holding his vehicle’s fob, so he wasn’t sure how the teen was able to start his car. LaFromboise sped away from the gas station at speeds of more than 70 mph as police tried to pull him over, legal documents say. He then accelerated through a red light at the intersection of Front and Como avenues and Dale Street and smashed into a pickup truck that had the right of way, authorities say. The pickup driver was taken to a hospital and treated for a broken nose. LaFromboise got out of the car and ran, according to the juvenile petition filed against him in Ramsey County District Court. He faces one count of theft of a motor vehicle and another for fleeing a police officer.

I’ve jonesed for the hoon like this before. The only difference is I didn’t steal a man’s car and then proceed to drive it like a jack wagon.

Also if you are this Rashad Turner dude that didn’t by this teen his smokes you are stupid. If you are buying tobacco for a teen in Minnesota you make them pay double. Smokes cost damn near $10 in Minny. Tell the young pup you need $20 and you’ll buy him a pack. That way you make a little money of the transaction. Hmm that’s a damn good business idea.

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