Bottled Sports has survived one month on the Internet

I bought the domain name for Bottled Sports on November 16. One day later this was written.

We’ve been on the Internet for a month and one day.

Bottled Sports is growing everyday. It might be small growth but it’s still positive. A Facebook like here, a Twitter follower there and a couple hundred views on the videos continues to fuel Bottled Sports. And if you think we are failing by not getting 100s or 1,000s of social media followers a day fuk you. Starting from zero on every platform is incredibly difficult. That’s just a fact. And honestly one story or video or piece of content could put Bottled Sports on the map in the North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota area. When Summit League superstar basketball player Mike Daum’s mother followed us on Twitter and even liked/quote tweeted a few of our tweets we gained some solid followers. So, I want to say thank you to @UWHallofFame24. She’s good shit and maybe we could even get here on one of our podcasts. Talking about podcasts, they are coming. I promise. Not gonna set any deadlines but they are on the way. We are figuring out studio time right now. More videos are on the way as well. It’s tough when you are a brand new company and only have two or three people working for you and when they don’t live in the same area it makes it even harder. But we will grind. Bottled Sports is not gonna grow in a night, in a week or in a month. Heck, in a year we won’t even be where we want to be. We will continue to grow. We got our ad dude talking to other companies every day of every fukn minute. Phone calls, emails, going to their doorsteps asking. Some have said hell no, some are on the fence, well one is just on the fence everyone told us to go away. In two days we might have no one in our lunch box but we aren’t gonna stop. Many of you know ESPN President John Skipper just resigned this morning. ESPN has been trending downward and now I think more then every is when sites like Bottled Sports can make a push to the top. Yeah, everyone has their websites or radio stations they listen to every morning to get their local news. But what if there was another spot to view shit that is actually interesting in your state. We aren’t gonna make you sleepy. We are gonna be your go to site when you are taking a shit or waiting in a mall chair when your girlfriend is shopping at Victoria Secret. Instead of trying to get caught looking at panties and bras, you can check out Bottled Sports and we will bring it to you. Look at the latest stories on The Forum (Fargo-Moorhead) right now 

I’ll just leave that there. Only one of those stories catches my eye. You be the judge. What if there was a spot online to have all the weird shit in one place and commentary/write a blog about it. That’s what we have at Bottled Sports. It’s grind time, babay. Tips of Egypt that’s where we are headed. We might be off the rails every other minute but we are grinding.



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