Dude says he has video evidence that Obama started fire in his fiancee’s garage

Bismarck Tribune (N.D.) — Appearing for his preliminary hearing Monday, accused arsonist Spencer Norton said he has video evidence that former President Barack Obama started the fire in his fiancee’s garage last month.

“That will be an interesting video to show at trial,” District Judge John Grinsteiner said.

Norton pleaded not guilty to felony arson for the Nov. 7 fire at 1448 S. Third St. in Bismarck. He lived there with his fiancee, Yvette Howell, who co-owned the home with her ex-partner.

No matter your political views, this is funny. 100 percent fukn Hillary-ass. Spencer Norton was so pissed off at his fiancee at the time that he decided it would be a wonderful idea to start her garage on fire. Depending of why Spencer was upset at his lady, this crime should be okay. If your fiancee cheats on you, 100 percent you should be able to start a fire in her garage, however, with no intent to hurt her, just scare her.

PLOT TWIST! Spencer never did it. Wait what? Spencer said that he has video evidence that Barack Obama started that fire. I mean Obama is probably screwed, right? It’s very hard to get away with something when it’s on camera.

This Spencer dude is probably so coked out that once he shows the video he’s gonna realize it was him in a black hoodie.

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