I did believe in God but then Carson Wentz most likely tore his ACL and now I’m not sure I do anymore

I sent a tweet out that didn’t go viral during the Philadelphia @ LA Rams game yesterday and now I look like an idiot. Also, side note I spelt Carson, Cason, and that’s also why I looked like an idiot.

Right after that Wentz went heading to the locker room with an apparent knee injury and now I know why he didn’t run the ball in of that fourth and goal from the 2.5 yard line.

Because he knew his knee was screwed.

Around North Dakota Wentz is a freakin God. Wentz is one step above God. But after these reports came out about how he may have torn his ACL I don’t know who I believe is up high in the sky anymore. I covered Wentz like a blanket when I worked for the student newspaper. Hell some could fight that he kickstarted our journalism careers. And now I’m in tears. What happens now?

Eagles fly with Nick Foles and lose their first playoff game of the postseason? Season done. D-O-N-E. I hope that doesn’t happen. I’m a Wentz fan not an Eagles fan because the Vikings is where my heart is at but goddamn.

Even in college Wentz took a lot of big hits. He’s a football player and will do anything to help his team win the game but he also needs to understand that he can’t take big hits now that he’s in the pros.

Get well, Carson. I wish you the best and please at least come back for the playoffs so I can believe in God again.

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