Sir Death gets jail time and Vikings Nation should be upset

Star Tribune (Minnesota) — A Minnesota judge didn’t doubt the the progress a confessed drug dealer had made in treatment, but said those steps weren’t enough to avert a prison sentence.

Washington County District Court Judge John McBride sentenced Karl R. Heinrichs on Monday to six years in prison — four of which must be spent behind bars. The Stillwater man, arrested last year after a sting that involved Minnesota and Wisconsin authorities, pleaded guilty in June to second-degree drug sales.


Heinrichs pleaded guilty Nov. 9 in St. Croix County to felony drug possession with intent to deliver. He faces a maximum penalty there of 19 years in prison and a $50,000 fine.


Heinrichs, who drew a measure of celebrity through his “Sir Death” alter-ego as part of the Vikings World Order fan group, was arrested in September 2009. Authorities said he was stopped with 31 pounds of pot and nine pounds of marijuana wax in his vehicle during a Stillwater traffic stop. A search of a storage unit he used in Houlton, Wis., turned up another 134 pounds of pot, according to the Wisconsin charges.


The most badass Minnesota Vikings fan just got served a six-year prison sentence and that’s bullshit.

Sir Death got caught with a small amount of 170-pounds of pot. And honestly his harshest punishment is not being able to be the super fan at Vikings games anymore. Especially now that the squad is 10-2 with a solid chance of going to the Super Bowl.

I don’t fukn care if he was caught with every ounce of pot in the world, Sir Death needs to be at Vikings games and should get a free pass in life.

This dude is a freak I mean just look at him.

To be this kind of fan you almost have to be on every single drug in the world and that should be okay. He brought passion to the games and the team fed off his energy.

Just a shame. A real shame two days before the Vikings take on the Carolina Panthers.

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