This South Dakota student talking about “Luigi” boards has her fired up

First off, are you talking about this

or this

Because that is the question that needs the answer.

This girl is taking this ouija board way too serious. She’s getting a rash and her hair looks like Laura Ingalls Wilder except not really. Listen ouija are fuked up I get it. But the only way it’s gonna get better for Jordan and the only way her rash is gonna leave her body is if she just stops talking about these boards.

Can we check on Jordan? Hopefully, her mom didn’t kill her. She’s also wondering if you have a question about life why would you ask a ouija board? For starters they are much cheaper than a therapist I can tell you that. And for two they tell you what you don’t want to hear which is most likely the truth.

Also, any girl that is in college and says “heck” over “hell” is a nut job.

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