Former University of Mary assistant football coach tweets out something odd 20 minutes after Marauders hire new HC

Earlier today the University of Mary hired the youngest head coach in NCAA football. At 27-years-old former Bemidji State offensive coordinator and former Marauder star QB Craig Bagnell was welcomed to Bismarck, N.D. today.

The Marauders clearly needed to shake something up considering they’ve won three games in the last three years. Bagnell clearly has shown that his offensive minded skills are one of the best in the Northern Sun.

BUT a former U-Mary football coach named Jason Thier tweeted out this about 30 minutes Bagnell was named the Marauders newest head coach.

Now Thier’s tweet got three likes. Of those three likes one is a U-Mary football coach (according to @UM_Coach_Jones Twitter bio) and a U-Mary commit.

About a minute or so later, a Twitter account called @MaraudersNation quote tweeted Thier’s tweet and said this:

THEN about two minutes later Thier sent out a tweet saying this:

Now I’m no detective. Hell I’m just a blogger but this def seems like Thier is a little salty about the Bagnell hiring. I guess you could call me a Twitter detective but at the end of the day Thier is pissed.

Listen Bagnell is young. Who the hell cares. He knows his shit. He helped BSU achieve great offensive numbers up north. The Marauders can’t stick with that bullshit option horse dung stuff because it sucks and it doesn’t win games unless your defense is stellar and it wasn’t.

Also, I’m now being hired for anyone looking for a Twitter Detective. 


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