NDSU student doesn’t want to stand for Bison playoff games

Fargo (The Spectrum) — With the playoffs approaching for the NDSU Bison, I am sure that a lot of excitement is coming for a lot of people on campus this week. After all, the home team dominated almost everybody in the regular season and may potentially be headed to Frisco again, so the excitement is justified.

One thing that has come to mind for me recently leading up to the playoffs is why the entire student section has the need to stand for the entire game, especially when the rest of the Fargodome is sitting.

I get that we have Yell Leaders who are tasked with maintaining enthusiasm for the student section, but for those students who feel more comfortable enjoying the game while sitting, like myself, that is nearly impossible. Everyone is blocking my view, while the rest of the Fargodome can enjoy the game just fine while sitting in other sections, why can’t I?

Some contributing writer for the North Dakota State student newspaper wrote an opinion piece in Monday’s paper claiming he doesn’t want to stand for NDSU playoff football games and this guy can fuk off. If you don’t want to stand for a Bison playoff game then stay in your dorm or apartment with your jammies and blanket and watch it on tv. Let someone else have your ticket who is going to stand and bring the noise. The reason why NDSU has such an advantage at home games is because the crowd is fired up and sitting won’t bring the heat.

Also, IF, IF, IF you go to a game and want to sit then go way up to the top of the student section and sit your ass up there and try to cheer.

Also, also, type in college football crowds into Google and you won’t find one photo of anyone sitting. Everyone is standing.


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