Throwin It Way Back Thursday: Minnesota’s Golden Wide Receiver

Every Thursday I like to throw it way back and look into athletes old tweets. This week we have Detriot Lakes, Minn., native and Minnesota Vikings standout wide receiver Adam Thielen. 

Adam Thielen joined the Twitter game around October 2009. This is one of his first tweets.

Gotta hate searching weird shit online and then getting a virus. He must not’ve had a Mac computer! Can’t get viruses on those expensive machines. At least there was Monday Night Football to watch.

“Tat” hmm that’s a new word. Maybe he should’ve spent more time in his grammar class instead of getting out early.

Good thing he woke up after this tweet. The Vikings are very happy that you did.

Yo, Adam, this still a goal of yours? Now that you got that money you can buy some good golf clubs.

Not on the white sheets! Come on, Adam.

Thielen is a pretty chill dude. Nothing too much on him honestly. Still cool to look back at what he was tweeting before he started shaking up the NFL.

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