Not the good kind of nipple job

Argus Leader (S.D.) — A man accused of using scissors to mutilate his ex-girlfriend’s breasts was sentenced Tuesday to 45 years in prison, the maximum sentence possible.

Tony Deval Ledbetter, 46, was arrested in October 2016 when he called 911 after he assaulted the woman, who was pregnant with his child during the assault. He admitted the assault to police but said it was in self-defense. 

The survivor gave a powerful, gruesomely detailed statement of what happened that night during Tuesday’s court appearance in Lincoln County, and she shared how her injuries have affected her physically and emotionally.

I was chillin’ in bed and my girlfriend decided to tell me a story about a man cutting off his girlfriends nipples. And I was like woo! So, I looked it up and holy hell this man was sentenced for his nipple cutting crime Tuesday. Now why the fuk do you decide to cut off your ladies nipples. While she was pregnant?! Some people don’t deserve to be in this world and that’s facts only. If you’re that angry with someone cut off their hair or trim their toenails. Don’t do something that will physically harm them. Hell, cut off your own damn nipples. I’ll never understand why someone has to jeopardize someone else’s life with their actions. If you need to release some rag do it to yourself.

Also, can you get fake nipples?

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