Throwback Thursday: News Director Gets Sexy Twitter Fingers

Here’s a little throwback Thursday for ya. The director of the Forum News Services (Fargo, N.D. daily newspaper) favorited a good old fashion doggy style video a few weeks ago. To be exact go check out his favorites and scroll down to Oct. 21.

I can imagine how this all went down. Mr. Wagner was chillin’ at his office late at night, literally cranking out a few news stories or whatever the hell he actually does. He needed a pick me up, everyone does now and then. But if you are a news director of a one of North Dakota’s biggest newspaper I would need a good rubbing to late at night. And honestly if you work at a newspapper I’d say you were weird if you were jerkin one out every now and then.

Also, how has this gone unnoticed? One of the big guns at the Forum favorites this tweet and nothing happens out of it? Okay, I guess. Actually, fuk that get this man off the job because clearly he’s showing that he enjoys porn more than his fukn job. At least it was a good video.



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