How the hell don’t you see an albino deer?

PEPIN COUNTY, Wis.—A hunter in Wisconsin claims he never saw the all-white coat of the albino deer he shot and killed Saturday morning, Nov. 18.

The hunter claimed to only see the brown on the top of its head before eventually killing the animal, according to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

 “If it’s an all-white deer—not including the head, hooves or the tarsal glands—then it’s a protected animal,” Wisconsin DNR conservation warden Richard Rosen said in an interview with WEAU-TV.\
This is why Wisconsin and Wisconsin people suck and are fukn dumb. How the lord of fuk do you not notice that you are shooting at an albino deer? Its fukn white and that should raise a flag when you aim down your sites considering you are most likely looking for a brownish deer. I know that this deer wasn’t as white as the background to this blog but it was probably as white as your teeth. The Green Bay Packers suck, the Wisconsin Badgers aren’t gonna make it into the college football playoffs and hunters are colored blind. That’s the moral of this story hunters are color blind.

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