Missing your pot? Lincoln (N.D.) PD most likely has it

LINCOLN, N.D. – A Facebook post by the Lincoln Police Department is giving lots of people the giggles — except, maybe, for one sober lawbreaker.

Late on Monday, Nov. 19, the police posted a photo of a baggie of marijuana they said was found outside a Cenex in Lincoln, southeast of Bismarck.

If you are looking for your lost pot, the Lincoln North Dakota Police Department has found it. Sunday evening a post was sent out from the PD’s Facebook page saying that if this bag of pot belongs to you please give us a ring. Bold move. Not sure if the owner of the green is going to come forward but it would make for a helluva story if he/she did.

How the hell do you lose your bag of weed? Get too high and drop it? Maybe. Get super toasted, go outside for a walk and try to light up again while walking your dog but you drop the bag and just keep walking because you are so high on life that you don’t care? Probably.

Shit — what was I doing Sunday night?


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