Jimmy Butler fail or Reggie Jackson heroics?

Last night the Minnesota Timberwolves lost 100-97 to the Detroit goddamn Pistons.

It’s all Reggie Jackson’s fault. Or wait, maybe it’s all Jimmy Butler’s fault.

It appeared late in the fourth quarter Jackson shouted something that did in fact faze Butler. Butler then missed a game-tying free throw with 6.2 seconds and Detroit rebounded the basketball before being fouled to win the game.

Mr. Jackson you may not be Alan or Michael but you are a fool and I hate you. On the other hand, Mr. Butler if you can’t handle being disrupted during your pre free throw routine then you should get your old job of being Thibs house butler back.

Also, why the hell are the Pistons 11-5 and second in the East? I thought they sucked?

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