“Bum” paying tabs in DL

INFORUM (N.D) — Is there really a man making his way around the Detroit Lakes area handing out money—by the hundreds and thousands—to strangers? Several area people say yes.

One Holiday Inn patron confirmed the story, saying he met the fellow a little over a week ago. The two got to know each other over drinks and, before he knew it, the stranger was writing him a check. The patron, who wishes to remain anonymous, says the man was picking up people’s tabs left and right, like it was nothing.

“I told him, ‘You’re doing a great thing’,” recalled the patron, adding that the man looked at him and said, “No I’m not. I’m just a bum.”

Now if that quote holds any truth it’s kind of sad that the guy called himself a bum. You cannot at any point in your life call yourself a fukn bum if you pay for people’s bar tabs. You are a hero, my friend. And this weekend I’m going to be sitting at one bar in DL and waiting for this man. And I hope to god that he comes by the bar I’m sitting at because I’m drinking top shelf this weekend.

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