Bottled Sports — By the bottle drinkers, chasing the bottle sippers

No matter if you are a sports, pop culture, food and beverage and hot midwestern ladies blog or a hair salon, you’re always chasing someone.

We are chasing the big bad boy companies until we become one.

Look at professional sports. They are on top of the sports pyramid. A few seats below you have college athletics. Division-I football and basketball are obviously very high on the pyramid but then all the other sports are fighting for the next few spots.

Bottled Sports isn’t ESPN and we aren’t Barstool Sports. Why? Because they are top shelf media companies.

In media and in sports, there must be another company or team that is the FCS of college football. Or the G-League of the NBA.

As those companies and leagues are 1A, we at Bottled Sports are 1B. We are chasing the bottle sippers.

You like Midwestern sports? We got you.

You like reading about weird-ass news in the drinking capital of the country (North Dakota)? We also have your attention.

Your local newspaper might have gamer stories or quotes from players or community members well here at Bottled Sports we have the commentary on those stories.

Food, beer and pop culture from the midwest is what we have at Bottled Sports.

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